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trafficProposed traffic management strategy

Throughout the numerous consultations, there have been concerns expressed regarding an increase in traffic and congestion and the impacts that the redeveloped centre may have on the local area.

This has been a significant challenge for the development team and the designers.

The traffic management solution was developed utilising rigorous computer based modelling.

The key objectives were to find a solution which safely manages the movement of pedestrians and motor vehicles while reducing the level of vehicular intrusion within the surrounding residential precinct.

It was found that with the introduction of road closures in Flagstaff Street and Cowell Street, the incidence of local ‘rat runs’ would be eliminated. It was found that a total of 230 vehicles per hour could be removed from the local roads by introducing the two closures. This measure ensured that almost all traffic generated by the site would be contained within Cowell Street, between Victoria Road and Flagstaff Street.

All access, including that for service and delivery vehicles, will be from Flagstaff Street with 880 parking spaces provided within a multi level basement car park.

The introduction of a roundabout on Cowell Street at Flagstaff Street will regulate traffic movements and establish a readily identifiable priority system.

Pedestrians will be serviced by retention of the pedestrian refuge in Cowell Street, introduction of a Shared Zone within the right of way to the west of the site and numerous access points along the perimeter of the development.

A set-down and pickup bay in Cowell Street, will provide quick access to shops, units and commercial operations.

It is considered the solution presented offers the optimum traffic management benefits for the site and the surrounding community.