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Features & Benefits

Project Features

  • 9,100sqm of retail shopping space across 2 floors
  • Undercover parking for shopping centre visitors
  • Approximately 250¬†apartments located on the site
  • The tallest tower is 16 storeys above the podium
  • 5,000sqm of public domain.
Project Benefits

  • A multifunctional community space
  • A civic space
  • A community library
  • Open space meeting areas around the site
  • Pedestrian thoroughfare across the site, with opportunities for continuing through to Victoria Road
  • New footpaths on Flagstaff Street
  • An upgrade to existing footpath on Cowell Street
  • Upgraded street lighting
  • Designated drop off areas and improved public access
  • An arcade of trees along Flagstaff Street
  • Extensive landscaping and green spaces across the main plaza
  • Traffic management measures.