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Preferred Design Option

Based on community feedback as well as development requirements, the project team has developed a proposal which best meet identified needs.The design principles of the option presented in February have been retained.
Designoption_x2Preferred design option

Flagstaff Street
A new generous tree lined footpath has been included on the GSV side of Flagstaff Street. The proposed closure of the top of Flagstaff Street will facilitate a landscaped pedestrian connection to the podium from the north east. Access for emergency service vehicles and access to driveways would continue to be available.

Retail design
The main retail entry is located on Cowell Street. The supermarket has been located to the rear of the main retail floor allowing smaller specialty retail outlets to populate the perimeter. This arrangement ensures an active frontage to Cowell Street with retail outdoor space and glazing facing Flagstaff Street.

Built Form
In consideration of community concerns the proposed building envelopes position the tallest parts of the development towards the middle of the site. Four taller forms are located on the western edge of the site adjacent to the Right of Way resulting in reduced bulk and scale to perimeter street edges. In effect the taller buildings have very large setbacks from surrounding streets including Victoria Road.

This is a better outcome than would occur for Cowell and Flagstaff Street if the current controls were strictly interpreted across the site.

This arrangement leaves a high of the podium available for landscape and park use with good solar access and aspect. It is envisaged the park and plaza areas would serve as green space for gatherings and activities of the wider community.
The north south linear distribution of these residential envelopes minimises shadow impact for properties to the south of the site.

Skyline and Visual Impact
The preferred option features clear separation between the buildings on a landscaped podium and presents clear cross site views and potential for view corridors from significant public locations such as Trim Place on Victoria Road. Further, this articulation gives a sense of permeability to the built form. The preferred option performs well with regard to the requirements of the new Apartment Design Guide.
There is the potential for carefully considered towers on this site to provide a visual marker for the Gladesville village centre.