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Community News

From August 2014, GSV Developments began the consultation process with the engagement of Straight Talk to coordinate and manage the project communications. We have held various meetings and information sessions to inform and consult the Gladesville community, and have participated in the forum organised by Council to discuss the proposed draft DCP as a stakeholder.

Straight Talk was engaged by GSV Developments in late 2014 to engage the community and key stakeholders to inform the development of a new proposal to redevelop the Gladesville Shopping Village site.

To date, this has been a three stage process:

  • Stage One – key stakeholder groups meetings (November 2014)
  • Stage Two – Project information sessions presenting the concept design (February 2015)
  • Stage Three – Public information sessions presenting the updated planning proposal; and traffic information sessions (August 2015).

Public information and traffic information sessions (13-18 August 2015)

Two public information sessions were held, on Thursday 13 August and Monday 17 August 2015 between 6pm and 8pm.

The purpose of these sessions was to:

  • Inform the public of the changes to the proposed design from that presented earlier in the year
  • Inform the public of GSV Developments plans to submit a standalone Planning Proposal and later submit a detailed Development Application.

These sessions were run as Display and Discuss sessions. A total of eleven boards detailing the PP and the changes made since February, using a combination of text, images and diagrams were on display around the room. The project team was also available at the public information sessions to answer questions. The project team present consisted of Brian Mann (Architect, Robertson+Marks), David Kettle (Town Planner, DFP Planning), Harry Loi (Project Advisor, GSV Developments), Lucy Cole-Edelstein (Straight Talk) and Rachelle Alchin (Straight Talk).

Information Sessions held in August

Both public information sessions were held in the empty, former Betta Electrical, store in Gladesville Shopping Village, immediately opposite the Coles supermarket.

Four traffic information sessions were also held, on Friday 14 August and Tuesday 18 August, from 6pm to 7pm and 7.30pm to 8.30pm each evening.

The purpose of these sessions was to:

  • Inform the community about the details of the proposed traffic scheme to be submitted as part of the Planning Proposal
  • Inform the community of the traffic studies conducted, which shaped the traffic scheme
  • Provide the opportunity for the community to ask questions of the project team’s traffic engineer
  • Understand community concerns regarding the proposed traffic scheme.

The traffic information sessions were sit down events, which included a presentation from the traffic engineer and time for attendees to ask questions. The traffic sessions held on Friday 14 August were located at Fairland Hall, a community hall located at 14 Church Street Hunters Hill. The traffic sessions held on Tuesday 18 August were located at Gladesville Library meeting room, at 6 Pittwater Road Gladesville.

Traffic Sessions held in August

Project Information Sessions (19-21 February 2015)

Information Sessions were run on 19 and 21 February at Gladesville Shopping Village. The sessions were aimed at providing an opportunity to display a preferred design option that was developed following stakeholder consultations in November 2014. These sessions also provided an opportunity for the project team to meet with the community to discuss key issues, continue to gain input and feedback regarding the preferred design option and explain the future steps in preparing a development proposal.

The display and discuss sessions allowed stakeholders and community members to view the preferred design option, speak directly with members of the project team and provide feedback. Members of the project team were present to explain the preferred design options and answer attendee’s questions.


Key Stakeholder Groups Consultation (20-24 November 2014)

Four, one to one community meetings with identified stakeholders took place at the Gladesville Shopping Village on 20, 21 and 24 November 2014. The purpose of the meetings was to understand both the issues of concern and underlying community values as well as contribute to the establishment of ongoing relationships with the community.

Specific stakeholders who had been active in the previous DA process were invited, they were:

  • The Hunters Hill Trust – Tony Cootes , Brigid Dowsett
  • Chamber of Commerce – Yvonne Dornan, Reg Cain, Reg Randall
  • Hunters Hill Flora and Fauna Society – Cathy Merchant , Brigid Dowsett
  • Gladesville Community Group – Russell Young, Justin Perry-Oleodan, Richard Li.

Also present for all meetings was representative from GSV Developments , project architects from Robertson + Marks.

These meetings provided for the project team to reiterate their commitment to deliver high quality development outcomes and where possible associated community benefits.

Meeting the Councillors (22 September 2014)
The project team met with Councillors and Council’s officers at Council Chamber in the evening of 22 September 2014.

The meeting was aimed at providing an opportunity to introduce the new project team and explain the future steps in preparing a new development proposal and to reinforce that the project team is seeking to work with the community to realise the potential of the site as the heart of the Gladesville commercial precinct.