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Who is the project team?

The project team is:

  • GSV Developments – The owner and developer of the site
  • Robertson and Marks – Architecture
  • DFP Planning – Planning
  • Road Delay Solutions – Traffic engineer
  • Richard Lamb and Associates – Visual impact assessment
  • Straight Talk – Community engagement.

Other consultants have been engaged to assist with a range of technical matters that will be addressed prior to submission of a development application. These include, structural and civil engineers, heritage consultants, landscape architects and surveyors.

Is Cowell St Cottage incorporated in this planning proposal?

No. The planning proposal does not identify what will happen to 10 Cowell Street. This will be considered during preparation and determination of a development application for the development.

Why was Cowell Street Cottage previously shown to be relocated on the podium?

The previous proposal, which showed Cowell Street cottage on the podium, was when a combined planning proposal and development application had intended to be lodged. At the present stage of consultation GSV Developments is only submitting a planning proposal. The planning proposal does not determine the future of Cowell Street Cottage.

What is the likelihood of Cowell Street Cottage being untouched?

Unlikely. Cowell Street Cottage will most likely be reinterpreted into a new development. Hunters Hill Council has identified the entire Gladesville Shopping Village site, including Cowell Street Cottage, as a key site for development. Cowell Street Cottage currently occupies a corner site, which would need to be vacated to allow development to occur.

Why did GSV Developments not initially present this proposal with reduced heights?

Taller and slimmer buildings remain the preferred architectural design. However the community consultation process has demonstrated the community believes heights over 20 storeys are out of character with the surrounding area. A minimum height and density must be maintained to deliver community benefit, and the current proposal is considered to be an appropriate balance.

How will the development affect traffic at the centre?

Introduction of road closures in Flagstaff Street and Cowell Street would:

  • Eliminate the incidence of local ‘rat runs’
  • Remove a total of 230 vehicles per hour from the local residential roads
  • Ensure that almost all traffic generated by the site would be contained within the section of Cowell Street, between Victoria Road and Flagstaff Street.


Access to the Gladesville Shopping Village for all vehicles, including service and delivery vehicles, will be from Flagstaff Street.


880 parking spaces will be provided within a multi-level basement car park.


Pedestrians will be serviced by:

  • Introduction of a Shared Zone within the shareway to the west of the site
  • Numerous access points along the perimeter of the development
  • A set-down and pickup bay in Cowell Street, will provide quick access to shops, units and commercial operations.
  • Through site pedestrian connections to all adjacent streets.


How does this planning proposal relate to Hunters Hill Council’s draft Development Control Plan (DCP)?

The planning proposal for the Gladesville Shopping Village site is a separate process to that of the draft DCP. The draft DCP is likely to be concluded before the planning proposal. The draft DCP is likely to be adopted before a development application is lodged. The development application will therefore need to address the draft DCP provisions.

When will the planning proposal be lodged?

GSV Developments intends to lodge the planning proposal at the end of August.

How long with the planning proposal take?

The planning proposal has to go through a number of processes and could take up to 12 months before an amendment to the Hunters Hill LEP is made. This will vary according to assessment time frames, further studies (if required) and Department of Planning and Environment processes.

How will the community benefit from this development?

This development aims to meet the needs of the local community and create a vibrant, inviting and accessible village centre that allows the public to meet, shop and relax.
The redeveloped centre can offer greater community benefit by providing:

  • A multifunctional community space
  • A civic space – such as a community library or a one stop shop for the community
  • Open space meeting areas around the site
  • Pedestrian thoroughfare across the site, continuing through to existing pedestrian links to Victoria Road
  • New footpath on the western side of Flagstaff Street
  • An upgrade to the existing footpath on Cowell Street
  • Upgraded street lighting
  • Designated drop off areas and improved public access
  • Street trees along the western side of Flagstaff Street
  • Extensive landscaping and green spaces across the main plaza
  • An improved shopping centre with better connections to local streets and a clearly defined pedestrian entry free of conflicts with traffic and delivery vehicles.