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Current Site


Preferred Design Features
Public Access Podium
The podium allows strong pedestrian links to and through the site both enabling and encouraging public use. This podium is lower than that proposed under the withdrawn DA.

The podium is readily accessed from multiple points including the right of way, Cowell, Massey and Flagstaff Streets. The opportunity to create a public access podium with community space will provide open green recreational space of a type that is in short supply in the neighbourhood.

During early community consultation it became apparent that the need for public green/open space on the site was considered essential. In response, the proposal features extensive hard and soft landscaping including a small park with excellent solar access and good aspect. The space given over to public and community activities on the podium far exceeds control requirements.

Treatments to the footpaths, shady street trees, lighting, bollards, signage and road carriageway can be provided to encourage such movements and improve the amenity of the public domain.

Right of Way/Laneway
The lowered podium will allow for an activated interface with the laneway. This is enhanced by the inclusion of residential address/foyers and multiple access points to the podium from the laneway thus enhancing pedestrian movement and activity. It is anticipated that future development of the Victoria Road sites adjacent will further activate the Right of Way.