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10 Cowell Street

Brief history of 10 Cowell Street

The timber cottage at 10 Cowell Street, occupying the corner block of Cowell and Flagstaff Streets, was built in 1916 for George Degan. It remained in the Degan family for almost 60 years, efore it was transferred to Hunter’s Hill Council by Lilian Degan in March 1973.

Types of heritage listings

  1. World Heritage Listing
  2. National Heritage Listing
  3. Commonwealth Heritage Listing
  4. State Heritage Listing
  5. Local Government Heritage Listing.

Once a heritage property is listed on the Local Environment Plan:

  • It may be conserved or;
  • It may be demolished (with development consent) or;
  • It may be relocated (with development consent) or;
  • It may be interpreted as part of any of the above options
Interpretation of a heritage listed property means:
Heritage interpretation is often employed in areas undergoing change. It is based on research and analysis, and plans to communicate the significance of a heritage item. Interpretation means:

  • That certain aspects of its fabric and history of the property are singled out for communication for users and visitors of the property;
  • That the fabric of the building is photographically recorded for archival purposes;
  • That certain elements of the building are moved to other locations for display purposes; and/or
  • That public art work is engaged to celebrate and interpret the history of the place.
Future of 10 Cowell Street
The Planning Proposal is not a process for determining the options for 10 Cowell Street. Options for heritage items (such as conservation, demolition, relocation or interpretation) are matters that are addressed through a development application and assessed against the provisions of the Hunters Hill LEP 2012 and local provisions in the Hunters Hill DCP 2013.
image10cowellst2Figure 1: Cottage located at 10 Cowell Street. (Extracted from
Rappoport Heritage Issues Report, May 2015)